Ipswich and Diss Quaker Area Meeting

Suffolk Quakers join the Multifaith Pilgrimage


On August 7th Friends from Bury St Edmunds met Ipswich Friends in Stowmarket to collect their Meeting message for COP26. It was a chance to share our experiences and concerns. We had lunch together and committed to further meetings. Train/bus to Bury.


Andrew Sterling also from Ipswich Meeting cycled from Ipswich to Bury St Edmunds on August who 9th it had been hoped to arrange a celebration at the Meeting House but the weather had other ideas so the date had to be changed. So on August 10th the Bury Friends were met in Cambridge and treated to tea and refreshments in the lovely garden of Hartingdon Grove Meeting House.


The pilgrimage to Sudbury from Bury St Edmunds attracted press coverage and Ian Taylor continued his Pilgrimage by cycling on to Colchester then Maldon and Chelmsford in Essex. He is sending his messages on to the Camino to Cop Pilgrimage which leaves in September.


Our messages have been carried forward and many signatures gathered from members of the public on the way as we try to spread an awareness of the critical decisions to be made at COP26. It has been a rewarding and energising experience for all who participated but it is disappointing that more Friends were not able to stand up and take action by joining the Pilgrimage.

Edwina Hughes
















Pilgrimage at Stowmarket Station                    COP26 messages being passed on

Ian Taylor en route for Chelmsford                    Andrew Stirling at Bury St Emdumds station

Following our Pilgrimage from Bury into Essex, the baton was taken up by North East Thames Area Meeting and passed to the FaithXR Camino Pilgrmage to Glasgow. Thus we have already achieved our aim to link the Suffolk pilgrimages to Glasgow. . 


A member of Wanstead Meeting in the NE Thames Area journeyed to Chelmsford to collect our Suffolk letters (including signatures collected on our pilgrimages), A group from NE Thames then toured Romford, Wanstead, Walthamstow and Bethnal Green Meetings by bike




Amongst other publicity activities they were looking to an event in Leytonstone High Rd to get people to sign letters to politicians and planned to use the 4 templates from this website


They went to St James Piccadilly last Sun for celebrations of the start of the FaithXR Camino Pilgrimage to Glasgow, and copies of the letters to the PM have been passed on for transmission to Glasgow. The original letters have been sent to the PM as pressure needed to be put on him now with decisions on the UK's climate actions already being made
















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