Climate Coffee Morning

Following over 100 pilgrims walking over 100 miles from Great Yarmouth to King's Lynn to raise awareness of the COP26 Meeting which starts on 31st October, all are invited to host a 'Climate Coffee Morning (we suggest before 16th October), at which you can write letters to your MP to request a redoubling of efforts to tackle climate Justice. You could also use the coffee morning as a fundraiser for tree planting, as we all seek to enhance the biodiversity in our communities and respond to the Queen's Green Canopy Initiative. We invite all who are interested (whatever faith or none) to join us in sharing a 'Climate Coffee'

Ways you can engage... we are all busy so it does not have to be a new initiative, so you could incorporate into something that is already planned or pre-existing such as:

•use an existing coffee morning to make it a 'Climate Coffee Morning'
•Use Harvest Festival as a moment to have coffee, perhaps after church, or at the end of a meal, to have 'Climate Coffee'.
•Toddler Group Leaders may wish to engage parents and carer